Second Session – into the twilight…

Posted: 01/11/2011 in Uncategorized

So, second run tonight, and not a bad one at that. I was feeling a little achy after Sunday still, but I managed to get away early for a quick blast around.

Pulling up at St Mary’s Lighthouse again, the light was quickly fading, so I decided to head along the coastal path first, as it would likely kill me if I tried it in the pitch black on the return journey. A four and a half minute warm-up walk and I was off! Tonights session was the same as the first, but with one extra repetition. I figured it would take me pretty much the same route as before and maybe a run right out to the causeway and back at the end to make up the extra interval.

However, after a couple of intervals it became clear that I was doing better than expected, I was up to the end of the coastal path and heading up the hill to the pub (where I didn’t stop for a refreshing brew, incidentally). Time to revise the route, and I was thinking I could head along past the mini-golf course and double back to make up the extra time.

Around the sixth run segment, my left calf started to ache. It faded after a while, so I thought nothing else about it. However, it did dawn on me that I could be doing this running lark quite a bit. I might need to get something reflective, as I’m not sure that my all-black-with-a-couple-of-shiny-stripes get up is quite the thing for the night time runner.

Once again, fate stamped on my over-sized feet, and I found that I was getting to the end of the main circuit even quicker than expected. So, I carried on down towards Panama Cafe, and reckon in another couple of sessions I could have made it too, but after the seventh run segment I turned off to the coast and came along the cliff tops. Now, it was pitch black up there, and my eyesight isn’t the best, so I had a bit of a rocky route, but made it back – think I was a minute or two away from the car when the timer finished.

The new earphones worked well, I hardly knew I was wearing them, and could hear the cheery American lady telling me when to start to run and when to commence ambling. I think she has a side job announcing the exact moment to push the button to electrocute death-row inmates, given how icily she tells me “Begin Interval”… However, I could hear her, which was a step up from the last time. The neon yellow wire for the headphones set off my ninja-like running gear something fierce, and I can only hope that a day-glo top or suchlike will add to the overall professionalism of my look. Certainly, people seeing me walk past (including a particularly startled lady at a bus stop) seemed amazed I was only walking, rather than galloping like a young gazelle, avoiding an overly hungry lion.

It’s amazing to me how quickly the car window steams up when I get in. Admittedly it’s only a wee car, but you’d think I’d opened a sauna. If you could plug me in, then all that heat would probably power a mid-sized industrial estate, I reckon.

Post run, my toe hurts, the big one on the left foot, but it does that every now and then, so perhaps it’s just making itself known. Other than that I’m a bit achy.

Oh yes, the upload from Runmeter included a broken map tonight, I didn’t run across America…

Indicators (using the GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE, RED, BLACK terminology and a +/- to show movement):

  • Preparedness: GREEN
  • Motivation: GREEN
  • Ability: ORANGE
  • Aches: GREEN (+)
  • Fitness: BLACK
  • Weight: BLACK

Wowza. Bring on session 3!


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