Round them houses…

Posted: 03/11/2011 in Uncategorized

When I started this, only on Sunday, Mr Telfer cheerily commented that “the first three are the hardest”. I hope so, as tonight was a bit of an ache-fest, though I put that down to running on pavement for the whole time, which I gather is not the done thing.

It rained too, did I mention it rained? Oh lordy, yes it did. Quite heavily for the first half of the run. It was kind of nice, watching the drops lit up by the bulbs of the street lamps, but at the same time it was sort of wet too. Because I couldn’t find my old Ronhill long pants, I made do with the trusty old shorts – which may have been a good move. Puddles make wet, and legs dry out, whereas I reckon the pants would have been a bit moistened. It wasn’t too cold, either, so I didn’t get cold thighs like on Tuesday night, which was nice.

I don’t like pavement, I’ve decided. Around the fourth interval, my shins began to ache, and that stayed with me to the end. Achy shins are not nice, and I reckon I might go back to my other routes next week in order to avoid that kind of punishment. I don’t know what shin splints are, but I have a vague idea that it involves your shin slowly delaminating, and the notion that pavement will cause this to happen. Give me a nice bit of dirt to run on, and I think I’ll be happier.

Leaves too. They’re treacherous little blighters, and worse when they arrive in packs. One leaf is no match for me (touching wood), and I can navigate my way around it without too much effort. A whole bank of the fellas, and I’m into slippy-slidey territory, and that doesn’t bear thinking about. Amongst the many things that I am not is “dainty on me pins”, and the thought of a slip gives me a bit of a turn in me tummy.

On a kit-based note, I resurrected an old Sprayway gilet, from back in the day when I used to do a spot of walking. It’s not (especially) waterproof, but the extra layer seemed to do the trick, I didn’t feel too bedraggled as I ran. Also, my newest, bestest purchase, a 2XU hat came into its own. No idea if it’s a quality item, but the bill kept the moisture off me specs, and so I could see where I was tramping despite the arctic downpour. Top marks. Although I initially suspected I looked like a loon wearing it, the value of a dry head can’t be underestimated. Also, while it’s white (which I would file under “gak”), that also means that the light from the lamps shines through the bill, which was strangely comforting in a twist of fate. I didn’t try out my spanking new reflective bib, as I felt the gilet covered many of the bases on the “can’t miss ‘im” front, so it’s still to undergo extensive field trials.

Route-wise, I’d better say something, as although Runmeter worked perfectly on my iPhone, documenting the run and route to perfection, it’s upload again suggests I’ve run across unspecified parts of the Northern American continent. I didn’t, in case you’re wondering, that would be mad, and qualify me as the spiritual successor to Forrest Gump, I suspect. In reality, I went down to the promenade, ran up to Panama Dip, turned inland (don’t think I’ve ever consciously “turned inland” before, that’s quite a fun notion) and headed through the houses and across to Monkseaton Metro station. From there, back to the main drag in Whitley Bay, down to the sea front again and along by Rockliffe before heading back through the houses.

Got home to discover a Quorn lasagne to heat up. Perfect.

My random free-hat-seeking Tweet came up with a total result of one person sending me an article about how to choose a hat (in a fashion stylee, not running-specific) and a spam message about a McDonalds voucher. Get me, I’m the social media star…

Indicators (using the GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE, RED, BLACK terminology and a +/- to show movement):

  • Preparedness: YELLOW (it was raining, for goodness sake!)
  • Motivation: YELLOW (see Preparedness, above)
  • Ability: ORANGE
  • Aches: YELLOW (-)
  • Fitness: BLACK
  • Weight: BLACK

One week down, that’s twelve to go. Kill or cure, you know…

  1. Wowser! You are hardcore! Running in the rain is def a sign of commitment – well done on your first week!

    • You’re not wrong – I’m only technically a million miles from running a marathon. The book says “you have to believe you’re an athlete”, so I may go and tak over organising the Olympics. If you’re going to believe you’re an athlete it might as well be one with a good job, like Sebastian Coe…

      Also, I reckon I could make a pretty good job of it too, what with my new-found insight into the tricksy world of top-level competition.

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