Stepping up the pace…

Posted: 06/11/2011 in Uncategorized

So today was the first run of week two. After the first week, when the 4:30 walk / 0:30 run combination seemed to go well, I was perhaps expecting the step up to 4:00 walk / 1:00 run to be a bit of a doddle.


That was tough. I’m not sure whether running can make you hallucinate, or whether I should be “listening to my body”, but my lower legs felt like they were going to snap. I had a sensation that the bones in my lower left leg were ever so gently bending, and that if I kept on going I’d come out walking like John Wayne. I haven’t checked with an independent adjudicator yet, so that may have happened. I also developed an irrational dislike of my shoes, not that they’re no use for running, as they’re clearly better designed for the job than my body, but a quite keen insight that I wouldn’t want to spend the evening in the pub with them, for example.

Also, the outside edges of my calves ached something rotten, like the muscles were going to give up and eject from my fast-failing body. I wouldn’t have blamed them either, it was only the lack of a big red “EJECT” button that kept my brain from pressing it and heading off for a bit of a lie down elsewhere.

On a plus note, I completed the run, which was a bit of a surprise. After four intervals I was wondering whether I shouldn’t just head back and go home (especially as I was nearing the car), but my essential bloody-mindedness kept me going (good old bloody-mindedness) as it has somehow developed the crazy notion that I’m not a quitter.

I definately need to get some running tights, the shorts were a bit on the drafy side in the whistly sea breeze, and maybe some gloves. I warmed up after a bit (just after the bit where I wondered whether my lungs might be trying to escape out of my throat) and it was OK after that, but the morning sun was to thank for that.

I feel my technique has overall deteriorated today, and I’m back in hippo-land. However, I also think that technique is something I can aim to work on once I’ve got the keeping going bit in the bag.

The fireworks for tonight’s display were being set up on the Links, which looked nice, but meant a big detour.

Better warming up is called for, even if it makes me look like an idiot. I think the calf thing may not have been so bad if I’d done more.

Interestingly, it was the walking bits where I felt rubbish, the running bits, while no scientific example of the art, were OK – it was when I started plodding along again that the aches returned.

Indicators (using the GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE, RED, BLACK terminology and a +/- to show movement):

  • Preparedness: YELLOW (not sure last night’s egg, beans and chips were a top plan)
  • Motivation: GREEN (at least initially)
  • Ability: ORANGE
  • Aches: ORANGE
  • Fitness: BLACK
  • Weight: BLACK

Roll on the next one, assuming I can still walk – off for a cup of tea now.

Reckon I might quit smoking while I’m on, no point in only having one difficult thing to do, and maybe the hallucinatory episodes caused by lack of nicotine will somehow cancel out the ones caused by running?

  1. Jacqueline Anderson says:

    Very funny and very well done. Im finding out things about you that had escaped me so far. Oh and your not looking or walking like John Wayne yet.

  2. Mike says:

    nice one Dave. You’re guiltying me into thinking about exercise. Mike

  3. Yup we are designed so that the first couple of times we exercise we think, Wow this is quite easy – I’m not as fat/unfit/old as I thought! And then reality kicks in. This is probably when most people throw in the towel (so to speak) so well done for keeping going. Get you self some Ron Hills and a Sam Brown belt.

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