Breaking through (to the other side?)…

Posted: 08/11/2011 in Uncategorized

OK, first things first – today was run two of week two, and to be honest I wasn’t looking forward to it. Run one of this week was hard, very hard, and so I was expecting excrutiating poorness from myself (nice to set an achieveable target, though).

It was misty and drizzly, with a bit of a sea breeze, but none of that was going to stop me in my spanky new running tights. The nice lady in the shop said (very charmingly) that I needed Large for my waist size. They had no Large, so I figured Extra Large with a draw-string would probably do. To say I had to shoe-horn myself into them this morning is not far from the truth – I believe I’ll be needing to shave some bone from my hips if I’m to avoid splitting them in the near future. They were fine once on, but clearly made for a less curvy  body than mine.

Shooting quickly over the first few intervals, they were hard – lower legs felt very sore, and I kept imagining splinters coming of my shins, as that’s the concept in my head of shin splints. Really must look that up on wikipedia, I might be 100% wrong on how it works.

To get to the more interesting bit, which was intervals seven and eight, the last two, and a couple of peculiar things happened. Firstly, when I hit the run of interval seven, my legs kind of felt ok – now I’m not getting excited about that, by ok I still mean “like hell”, but in less of an actively-deteriorating-sudden-snapping-in-half way. As I see it, there are three possible explanations for this od phenomenon:

  • I have damaged the nerves in my legs, and hence can’t feel the appalling aches coming up from my lower legs;
  • Some endorphins have sneaked in somewhere and are numbing the pain (thank you endorphins, if that’s the case)l; or
  • I might just be getting used to running a little.

Now I know the third option is also the least likely, but it happened again on the eighth and final interval, and while I didn’t exactly feel as though I was floating along (as if), it was less horrendous than, say, interval five.

The other point of note is that I got a stitch. Now it may seem odd to all you seasoned atheletes that I’m celebarting such a thing, but I take it as conclusive proof that some exercise took place, which is pretty amazing from where I’m sitting.

Post run, I felt like poop, as always, but it has worn off quicker than on Sunday. I put a little of that down to doing a spot of warm up and coll down (though cooling down involved wandering around with a glass of water and a fag saying “argh!” for a while), but I’m also hopeful that my bones and muscles may be almost hanging in there and keeping up with the rest of me that, let’s be honest, doesn’t have to put as much hard graft in on these runs.

Indicators (using the GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE, RED, BLACK terminology and a +/- to show movement):

  • Preparedness: GREEN
  • Motivation: GREEN (at least initially)
  • Ability: ORANGE (heading toward yellow by the end, mind)
  • Aches: YELLOW
  • Fitness: BLACK (verging on red, next run will tell if that’s true or not)
  • Weight: BLACK

Right, time for that there work now…


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