Panama or bust!

Posted: 13/11/2011 in Journal

Biomechanically efficient – it’s not a phrase that often pops up in the genteel circles I inhabit. As I understand it, it means you’re pretty much ideal for conversion into some kind of Terminator-style killing machine, a blend of flesh and machinery with the killer instincts of a shark.

I’m not suggesting, just for clarity, that I would put myself into that category, but it’s a nice thought.

There are a range of new terms that I’m coming to …erm… terms with. Pronation is another, and I’m not clear on that one, either. In itself, I think it’s just a thing like breathing, but apparently it can be good or bad. There’s over-pronation and under-pronation, and presumably there’s proper pronation, and we’re back to the realms of biomechanically efficient. I’ll make do with my feet staying attached, actually, and consider myself lucky. So for now, I won’t be enslaving the fleshy masses, but I imagine it’s only a matter of time.

Today was the start of week three, and the ramp up to 1:30 run / 3:30 walk, starting off with ten repetitions. I was a bit apprehensive, week two was a shock to the system, so I figured it would be hell.

But it wasn’t.

Read that last bit again, as I’m not sure it’s believable. I wasn’t quite into gazelle territory, but I was cranking along hippo-style without some of the more appalling pains of earlier weeks. Even ten times was ok, and I felt quite chipper by the end.

However, I’ve got worse after effects this time – my upper back feels like rubbish, which might be my lungs complaining in their none-to-subtle way. Right calf is a bit achy, not sure why it’s just the one registering it’s disapproval.

Indicators (using the GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE, RED, BLACK terminology and a +/- to show movement):

  • Preparedness: ORANGE (felt rubbish this morning, could have stayed in bed)
  • Motivation: ORANGE (see above)
  • Ability: GREEN (no, really)
  • Aches: ORANGE
  • Fitness: RED (it must be getting a little better)
  • Weight: BLACK

The title? I made it down to Panama Cafe this time, which was a bit of an impossible goal when I started. Off for tea and scrambled eggs – health food a-go-go…


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