Thank goodness it’s not a democracy…

Posted: 15/11/2011 in Uncategorized

“It’s a social thing”, was one of the facts I read about running when I first picked up “The Beginning Runner’s Handbook”, and to be honest I didn’t believe it.

Perhaps if you start off with other people, or join a club, then you can jog along, chatting with the world and his wife, but I didn’t, and to be honest I’m usually far too out of breath to hold a conversation with a passer-by or tagger-along.

However, I have developed a more social life in regard to the various parts of my body, especially those involved in the running experience. Not so much in a I-say-something-they-talk-back sort of way, but more of a making-their-issues-known, rather like a slightly mardy workforce, who are not happy with the new terms and conditions being applied.

It was during the first week of running that I got to know my calves, and they’ve been a strong contender for “most vocal” since, often registering their dislike of being hauled out of bed of a morning and forced to pound (well, more plod) the paths and fields of the borough. Then there’s my left big toe, who I realise has been trying to attract my attention for quite some time, and who I have so far waved off with a jaunty “not now!”, but whose protestations sometimes drown out the calves. My knees and upper back are new voices, and while I place some merit on their outcries, I’ve heard it all before from my calves, toe, feet, ankles and thighs. It’s old news, and while it becomes a bit more clamouring, it doesn’t add to the debate.

My mind, and it’s so handy that it’s not a physical part of me, sits haughtily above all this rabble-rousing, like a ghostly ringmaster, explaining that it all makes sense and the various parts will thank it for the hardships at some later point. As the title says, thank goodness it’s not a democracy, or it would be referendum city in my body, and frankly, nothing would be achieved. Maybe one day my brain will come up with proposition that the other bits will be allowed to vote on, something that doesn’t affect the overall smooth (or otherwise) runnings…

Indicators (using the GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE, RED, BLACK terminology and a +/- to show movement):

  • Preparedness: YELLOW (knees were a bit poor this morning from Sunday)
  • Motivation: YELLOW (just the knees again)
  • Ability: YELLOW (sure I’m doing something wrong with my feet, but it should be second nature, to run?)
  • Aches: ORANGE
  • Fitness: RED
  • Weight: BLACK

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