New balls, please…

Posted: 20/11/2011 in Uncategorized

…well, not quite, but new knees would be nice.

After last Thursday’s run with the Magic Socks, my knees have been properly bad, lots of pain and aches. So, I’ve decided to take today off to let them get over the …stress… of it all, and perhaps be right for Tuesday.

I went to one of the running shops in Newcastle on Saturday, to see if my shoes were groovy enough, or if my pronation was over. The solitary shop-person got me to squat, stand, squat, stand, turn round and do it all again. I’m guessing he wasn’t just staring at my arse, as it can’t be a pretty sight, but he pronounced me in need of a chiropractical opinion, as my right achilles tendon twists when I perform said squats. Allegedly this is grim news.

Anyway, I’ve made an appointment with the person they recommended (he never did the full gait analysis thing, but maybe that’s a blessing as I guess I’d be £20 lighter and still going to see the bone-quack) for a week and a half from now, so I think I should maybe reign in the reckless abandonment of my running. Maybe I’ll stick at the 1:30/3:30 mix and try to keep on the grass for the time being. Goodness knows, that was tricky enough, so as I’m playing the long game maybe I should accept that week 4 will be a little time coming.

It’s bloody irritating, mind, not that I’m the impatient type (a week and half – that’s almost forever).

All of which is a shame, as I’d washed my kit especially…

My shins on the other hand, have been excellent, the only way they could be better would be if they had a mild scent of lemons wafting off them, or produced gold as a by-product of running.



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