In the words of Pearl Jam…

Posted: 22/11/2011 in Uncategorized

…I’m still alive.

Bit of a shorter run today, to check the knees were still working and wouldn’t hit the ‘Eject’ button as I stomped around.

Knowing now that I’m a bit of a monster for completing things, I went with a five interval run in case it was nasty, and set off around the Mini-Golf course. Two trips around at a snail’s pace and I was done.

The knees hurt, but no worse than they have been doing on an afternoon anyway, shins and the rest of me were fine (think they thought it was their birthday). I’ll see how the knees fare during the day, but if they’re not too bad I’ll probably do this again later in the week.

I never thought I’d have a sports injury! What an athlete.

Right, off for a nice lie down to recuperate… ah, no it’s work isn’t it…

No indicators today – it’s all about the knees. Saying which, weight has stayed pretty much in the Red zone, which is unexpected.


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