One month down…

Posted: 01/12/2011 in Uncategorized

Today was the last run of week four.

That’s one month of the “Beginning Runner’s Handbook” in the bag.

Of course, and in true form for my pace, it’s taken five weeks to get there, what with the week off for poorly knees.

Bit of a catalogue of errors this morning. The second thing that went wrong was that I wrenched my headphones out without realsing it in the first run, with the upshot that I ran 3:30 rather than 2:00, with only 1:30 to recover before the next one, rather than the usual 3:00. I thought I was feeling a little tired…

Although this gave me a bit of a headstart, and Runmeter was telling me I was 1:30 up on my pace, it reckoned I was under pace at the end – why? I think it’s the combination of running a route (which gives PB information) against a timed run – or something like that, I’m still not clear, other than that routes are for people who run routes, rather than time. I think.

The first thing that went wrong? I ran Tuesday’s programme instead of today’s, which was nine intervals rather than ten. I was just ready for that last burst of semi-athleticism when I was politely informed that it was “Activity Completed”, which confused me totally.

Definitely think I’ve got some bug – there’s all kinds of oozings and phlegm-related activity going on. Not enough to stop me, but enough to make me (like you) a bit yak.

Must be getting more wintery, I wore a wooly hat today – I think that merely forces the sweat out elsewhere, but at least my head was toasty.

Indicators (using the GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE, RED, BLACK terminology):

  • Preparedness: GREEN
  • Motivation: YELLOW
  • Ability: YELLOW
  • Aches: YELLOW
  • Fitness: ORANGE
  • Weight: RED



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