Pain stops play.

Posted: 04/12/2011 in Uncategorized

Oh, Lordy, them’s some achy knees, let me tell you.

Today was the first 2:30/2:30 session, and it was all going well at first, despite being aware that I’m a bit snottier than usual. If anything, it was going slightly too well – I set off like a veritable hare (if a somewhat elderly and overweight hare) and was smashing away at my times. It felt good until my head started to tingle, and I realised I needed to reign it in a bit or probably pass out from the fun of it all. So, I throttled back a bit and things imporved, but I think the damage was done by then – my knees (especially Lefty, the traitorous knee) started to throb and ache something rotten.

By the time I’d got ten of the twelve intervals complete, I decided this was one time I needed to listen to my body, and called it quits. I’d also noticed that my shoes were deconstructing themselves. Now, I can only put this down the the frankly unbelievable speed, but it was nontheless not a welcome sight. They may have been doing it for a while, but as I usually get ready in the dark, run in the dark and sunrise and am too knackered to see straight when I’m finished, I’d never noticed it before.

I made it home and, with lashings of anti-inflamatory cream made it back out the house to Debenhams to complain about my not-only-illegally-advertised, but now also properly damaged shoes. I didn’t have the receipt, of course I didn’t that would be far too easy, so I had to find a bank statement. Ten minutes of waiting and two supervisors in to my wait at Debenham’s till, and they took my card off to interrogate the machinery. Another ten minutes and they returned the princely sum I’d paid for the extra-shiny blue finish shoes.

Cue an awkward (and painful) walk to the running-shoe-shop, and I came away, after my feet had been looked at, with a new pair of not-quite-so-shiny shoes. And a free pair of socks. For less cash.

Roll on Tuesday, if I can still walk then we’ll give these babies a try-out. Hopefully they have beneficial magics, or at least anti-knee pain charms within them.

No red/amber/green today, simply a knee report and it’s BLACK.


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