The Knee Whisperer

Posted: 08/12/2011 in Uncategorized

Once or twice over the last week, I’ve caught myself having a conversation, or more properly a monologue with my knees. I’m not shouting at them, clearly that would be a bit mad, but I’m pretty sure it’s within earshot of other people. The peculiar thing is that no-one has batted an eyelid about it, no-one has mentioned it, there hasn’t been one comment. Which raises the mild concern that perhaps this is exactly the sort of behaviour people expect from me, “there he goes again, chatting away with his joints…” and so on.

Bit of a short run today, after missing Tuesday and having some knee-related pain. I tried a quick jog back from the shops in the Newsie Shoesies on Monday night and there was a good bit of complaint coming from my lower limbs. In my head, I assume this is down to the different geometry of the shoes compaired to the last lot, as it sounds good and scientific and not at all down to me. So, a short run, not timed, but on a 2:00/2:00 split, up to the top of the mini-golf course and back. It was painful, but not in an about-to-wrench-a-leg-off way, more the sort of thing I had when I first started with my shins. Given that said shins are now lickety-split, I’m not worrying too much. New shoes and unfortunate knees will resolve to work together at some point.

Saying which, I think a few more shorter runs might be the thing, to ease myself into the shoes and the knees into getting with the programme. That also works on the basis that the ice is inevitably on its way, and soon the mini-golf course, glorious Elysian Field of grass that it is will be the only safe place to plonk my feet.

Other good reason for a short run today is that I’ve got an 8:30 meeting, so I’d best get me skates on…


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