Recuperate, moi?

Posted: 11/12/2011 in Uncategorized

Oh, that traitorous knee, Lefty, has been at it again…

Another short run today, as part of the “new shoes / pants knee” project. For those of a gentle disposition, I’d better tell you that I’m going to talk about different types of pain.

Righty seems to be getting with the programme, and only a justifiable amount of pain ensued from this morning’s run. However, Lefty was aching from the start to the end, right hand side of the knee and pretty much a damage sort of pain, rather than a workout type of pain. I’m still following doctor’s orders and really going for it, but I’m wondering whether some for of rest is what’s required here.

Bizarrely, it doesn’t hurt so much when I’m running uphill, which makes me think it’s a specific part of the movement that’s causing the hurt. When I started, I had stabbing pains, which seemed to be from lack of use. This, on the other hand is clearly from use, as it improves during my non-running days, coming back with a vengeance after a run.

Just stuck an ice pack on, as I’m also assuming that cooling is better than keeping toasty warm. However, I readily recognise that I honestly don’t know – I may be doing more harm than good. The ice pack seemed to make things a little better, mind, so perhaps it’s something to pursue.

At the moment, I’m thinking that giving my tired old knee a chance to recover during the next week is worth the missed exercise – if I could just get rid of this, then I can get back into the thirteen week programme, which would be good – reckon I’ll start week four again.

Right, off to get the shopping in a bit, not looking forward to trailing round Tesco’s smooth but very hard floor…


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