Ancient learnings…

Posted: 21/12/2011 in Uncategorized

Yā-dào – It’s more of a lifestyle than a running technique…

I’ve never had a ‘Way’ before, but now I think I might.

After suffering from the poorly knee, it’s finally seeming to get over the hump – I ran on Sunday, the knee was OK today, I ran today, it’s a bit sore, but I’m hoping it will do likewise over the next couple of days.

Why? How? What magic has been done, I hear you cry…

Remember I mentioned paddleboats and trying to do the whole heel-toe running thing at the start of the week? Well, I’ve cracked it, I think, though it requires a level of mindfulness that would shock a Buddhist. Jacqueline suggested I read Chi Running, but I’m not one for following the crowds, so I headed off the the Library of Ancient Wisdom, just next to the bus station. An hour of digging through the dusty tomes and coughing up dustballs, and I made a discovery – an old book, in a cracked leather binding, with Chinese symbols on every page. I don’t read Chinese, but with the aid of a wizened Ancient Librarian we decyphered the archaic words.

The book is all about the heel-toe / steamboat method, though of course there weren’t steamboats back then, so they adopted different metaphors, but it gives me a time-honoured way to progress my running to the next level.

Just over 6km tonight, and it went well, I was concentrating on the scribings of the ancients, so didn’t have much time to think. However, it seemed to work, and I’m hopeful I’ll be zooming up hills like a venerable llama before the spring is passed.

I may republish the book, in English of course, so that other podgy runners can benefit from its wisdom. Watch out, as The Way of The Duck will be with us before you know…




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