Way of the Duck and the Power of the Tweet

Posted: 25/12/2011 in Uncategorized

Running on Christmas morning is brill. I had a brief moment of doubt about this while lying snug in bed, but conquered my doubts and swung my amply padded frame out from under the duvet.

As the sunrise was mint, I decided to head off south to Tynemouth – the sunrise was something else, and as I’m a think-ahead-er, I had my wee Olympus to capture the view:

Now I’m not saying that the running has yielded a newer, trimmer me, but I’m confident it will in time – the main thing is that the knee pain seems to have receded, and I can get on with the running bit. There’s some kind of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs that applies to running; so far I figure these are the steps…

  • Win Race
  • Beat Personal Best
  • Complete Race
  • Good Speed
  • Good Distance
  • Get Round The Circuit
  • No Pain
  • Acceptable Pain

When I started, I figured that Getting Round The Circuit was where I was at – now I realise that I’ve just arrived at No Pain via Acceptable Pain (though not always acceptable). Time and distance are not words in my running dictionary so far, but No Pain has just entered its pages. As I had the camera, I figures I would document my lack of grimacing pain…

As you can see, there’s still room for a bit more loss of fat, but that’ll come, I’m sure. I’d like to be less blurry in 2012 as well, but that may be a step too far.

The thing that sends the announcements out on Twitter and Facebook when I start a run also lets you message back and they appear in my actual headphones to jolly me along. So far, there’s been one attempt, and it didn’t work, as I hadn’t realised I needed to turn it on.

However, on the return leg of the the journey, the tinkly noise went off that tells me I’m going to learn something (usually that I’ve cracked another kilometre, which was why I was a bit caught off guard by it) and the following made its way into my ears…

Xmas day run!! Very impressive, making room for the sprouts no doubt! All the best David!

The fabulous Mr. England was up and about and had noticed I was on the hoof. I can only say how fantastic it is to get a wee message from someone when you’re slogging along into the wind – people must have thought there was something wrong with me – I had to slow down for a bit or risk swallowing my tongue, I was laughing so much.

Merry Christmas one and all – decent knees is the best present so far… 🙂




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