Afternoon runners…

Posted: 27/12/2011 in Uncategorized

That’ll be me then – expected to be out nice and early, but it turned out that was pencilled in for “hitting the sales”, so after a few hours of wandering the streets of Newcastle, and a detour for a drop-off on the way back, it was home, quick 3pm slice of Christmas cake to call “breakfast”, then straight out.

The weather was good today, wind had died right down, and the various limbs seemed to be working OK (though left big toe is persistently achy, but don’t think that’s to do with the running). I slept funny on my shoulder/arm last night, and it was a bit gimpy, but I take that as a sign that it’s either developing a muscle, or that it’s losing some of its cushioning layer of fat. Buoyed up from my run to Tynemouth on Christmas Day, I decided to relive the excitement and head that way again.

The paths were heaving, with a ton of people making the best of the mild weather at the coast – had to slow down a few times as there was enough traffic to make dodging into the road to get past a bit of an excercise in Russian Roulette. Finally made it to Tynemouth at the end of Interval 5, realising that I was down for a round dozen today (I’m back on the programme, and this is officially Run 1 of Week 5, though I might go straight to Run 3 of Week 5 so I’m back on track from my new week starting on Sunday), so I decided bravely, not foolishly, to run down to the harbour wall and maybe have a jog along.

Brilliant plan, but the gates on the wall shut at 3:30, and I arrived at …erm… 3:30 just as the Port of Tyne man was locking up. So, nothing for it but to turn around and run up the hill. I say run, there was a bit of non-running in there as well; it’s the first proper hill I’ve run up, and while it didn’t kill me, I can see a few more attempts will be necessary before I’m loving it. It was also a good idea as it’s the main hill on the Tyneside 10k Run that I’m planning to do on Easter Sunday, so I might as well get a taste of it early on.

I can’t explain how nice it is to get back from a run and not have crippling knee pain – it seems like a bit of a dream now, hobbling and limping around at work and not being able to sleep. I should buy my doctor (well, not my doctor, he was simply the one who was available at the time) a drink. Saved me a trip to a Podiatrist and likely some £150+ insoles. As I think I said at the time, it’s not the shoes that are wrong, it’s my tubby-arse frame that’s causing the problems.

Want to know a secret? I got a book for Christmas – Feet In The Clouds – all about fell-running, mostly about the horrific injuries and how mad you’d need to be to do it, but also quite enticing. It’ll be a long while before I’m in a fit state to try that kind of thing, but it’s got me thinking. For now the target it to get the ‘walk’ part of the walk/run combo down to zero seconds.  From there, the world!


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