Endorphins are a boy’s best friend…

Posted: 29/12/2011 in Uncategorized

Achy-breaky legs…

Well, maybe not as melodramatic as that, but I’m definitely not at my best today. A general bleargh feeling and aching legs top to bottom conspired to make today quite a push. There are three reasons I can readily see might have caused it:

  • Two trips to Newcastle in two days – hello concrete floors
  • I’m poorly – not sure on that score yet, but the bleargh thing adds a bit of weight
  • Overindulgence in rubbish foods – don’t think so, but you never know

On the last point, I’ve definitely got a touch of the squishy tummy, and it was probably lucky that I was out early and there was no-one else around. If I’d had to hold it in, I’d have either burst or slowly risen into the sunrise, one or the other.

Quite proud of myself that, despite all the moans and groans, I just got on with it and pushed through the aches and pains. Seems as though being pig-headed (or as it was referred to in my book stubbornly British) is something of an advantage.

Feel like I’m getting shin splints again – hope not, but only time will tell…


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