A slight case of lying…

Posted: 30/12/2011 in Uncategorized

So, I may have said that I fancied trying a spot of off-road running. I also may have said that it would be a while coming, and that I certainly wasn’t going to be buying shoes anytime soon.

Cue trip to town this morning to return my nephew’s defective present, and I needed to get some socks (they evaporate, you know).

After a bit of a check on the Internet, I figured I knew the basics of off-road shoes, so I asked in my regular shop – rubbish bit of selling rather than advising, and I was off to another shop. Tried a pair on, very nice but pricey.

I went to pick J up in Gosforth and popped into the shop there – they had one pair of the older version of the shoe, and it was my size. Never one to ignore a message from the Gods, or an additional 25% reduction off the already lower price, and I now find myself ready for the wilderness…



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