Posted: 31/12/2011 in Uncategorized

Last run of the year, first off-road run – nice!

I wasn’t due a run today, but as I got the new shoes yesterday, I figured I ought to have a blast with them. Nearest kind of off-road I could think of was the Rising Sun Country Park, though it’s mainly track and only the one hill.

It was very muddy.

Very muddy is good.

Squish, squish.

Seriously – off-road running is groovy, the ground is different every few metres, and the hill makes for a change from the flat, solid pavements of the coast. I also loved running through woods, there’s much more of a snese of movement, and I had the feeling I might round a corner and discover a pixie having his breakfast (no such luck).

There’s more of a sense of running with the environment, uphill makes you slow down (as does downhill, for the moment), and there’s more picking your way around the muddy tracks.

The new shoes are fine too – a lot less padding that the road shoes, and a much snugger fit to stop my foot from moving around on uncertain ground.

Get me, I ran and it wasn’t even running day – what an athlete…

New shoes officially christened in 2011… 🙂

No idea what’s going on with the new leggins, they appear to be trying to get away from the mud – no chance…


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