Happy New Year!

Posted: 01/01/2012 in Uncategorized

It is, too…

A new year, and a fab run – the start of Week 6 of the 13 week programme, and I’m on to a 3:00/2:00 run/walk mix. It wasn’t too bad, not so much of a ramp up from the half and half split I’ve been doing, and in a rash wave of excitement I decided to head off to the end of the harbour wall at Tynemouth. An obliging chap offered to take a photo for me (my self portraits with the Olympus are a bit manky) as evidence.

Then the run back, and I was determined to make 10k without having to run over into extra time. A quick 30 second stop to say hello to Roy from work; I think I gave him a shock, he took a moment to realise who this running fool was saying hello to him – I blame that partly on the fact that I’m probably the last person you’d imagine running and partly on the hat. Also another welcome Twitter comment relayed to my ears from Allan England, cue more peculiar looks from dog walkers as I laughed my way along the sea front.

Coming up to the last couple of intervals, and I realised I wouldn’t make it on the run/walk combo, so I decided to run the walk section of the interval-before-last, and keep going until I’d hit the 10k mark. I reckon it must have been around six or seven minutes in total, and while my head was a little buzzy by the end of it, I was broadly OK.

Which is to say I’ve completed my first 10k run – OK, so not all of it was running, but that’s not the point – 10k is a psychological target, as it’s the length of the North Tyneside 10k Run (who’d have thought) on Easter Sunday. So, technically I could run that, though I need to keep bashing down the walking bit on the programme so I can just plain run it. And get more practise on hills, as I realised there are really two hills, one after the other, and I’ve not really done a hill much yet.

The camera is weird, it wants to turn everything pink – that’s a red gilet I’m wearing, and the socks yesterday were also red. Go figure.

One quite exciting thing, is that while I’m not particularly losing weight running, I have just spied on this picture that the zip on the front of the gilet is straight, it doesn’t bulge out at the tummy. Though that could just be the angle. :-/

Hello 2012!


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