Back to work, back to reality…

Posted: 02/01/2012 in Uncategorized

So that’s it – the Glorious Christmas Holidays over with for another year, and it’s back to the office tomorrow.

Still, it’s been a good week of running, and I thought I’d venture out tonight rather than tomorrow morning in a mad theory that it would leave me in a better state for work.

I’m not so good at evening running.

I think it’s because I’ve eaten at lunch time, whereas I’m out on an empy stomach in the morning, and I think that makes me a bit sluggish.

As I ran yesterday (and a longer, harder run that I’ve done before, too), I was still a bit pooped today – Lefty the Knee has been making his presence known today, and while he wasn’t overly shouty about it, I did have a vague doubt about the wise-ness of heading out. That didn’t stop me, though.

We also ventured back to town again today, which was my own clever plan, J needed a couple of things, and I was looking for a replacement hydration bladder for a small backpack I’ve got, with grand plans of running up mountains in the back of my head. Getting ahead of the game? Surely not…

I’ve been thinking that running to work would be a good plan, about 6km each way, so kind of splitting a normal run into two bits. In a rash decision, I figured I’d try it to see what the run was like. Now that’s about 12km in total, which is an extra 2km onto my current longest run, and I was feeling sluggish with a poorly knee and the after effects of yesterday’s run, but that didn’t stop me either.

I should have realised, but in a car it’s hard to tell, that running from the seaside inland is essentially an uphill job. Not a massive incline in anyone’s books, but enough to make a bit of a difference if you have, for the sake of argument, tired muscles and an achy knee. After three or so intervals I figured I should listen to my body (especially my knee) and give up on the 12km round trip.

So, I ran five intervals, which is around 2/3rds of the way to work and then turned my achy self around for the trip back – downhill (ish) and with the wind behind me it was a bit easier and I made it back after around 10 intervals in total. If you added it all up, then it was more than the distance to work one way, so I figure it’s do-able.

Now I have a few things to figure out if I’m going to give it a pop:

  • The showers – we have showers at work, but they’re a bit of an arcane mystery – I’ll have to find someone who knows the secret password and how one goes about showering at work, which seems like a feat of magic at the moment.
  • A locker – we have lockers too! I have no idea how you get one, whether there’s a hook for shirts, etc. and whether they have to be empty at the weekend.
  • Drying – how does that work? If I run in while it’s raining, how can I dry my gear – come to that, how can I dry a towel if I shower? Won’t that create an awful smell if I leave wet gear in a locker?
  • Phone protection – if I did run in, and it did rain, how will I keep my phone dry – as it’s the main way I map my runs, I need to find some way of making this work – perhaps a zip lock bag if I can find one.
  • Sandwiches – which sounds mad, but I need to get my lunch to work with me too. Some kind of bag I reckon, will have to have a scout about what I’ve got in the house, can think of two contenders already.
  • Looking like a muppet – well, there’s no way ’round this one, I look like I look, not exactly athletic, and I’m getting “too much information” complaints from J about running in leggings already – guess the world will just have to avert it’s eyes. As I said, it’s cold out at the moment, so even if you fancied a look there’s nothing to see. It also seems like I’m fairly unrecognisable if yesterday is anything to go by, maybe I could wear a false moustache too, to complete the disguise.

Other than those few things, the running to work seems like a good plan – I can get up, chuck on my gear and get myself in to work and shower, which is a bit better than getting up, running, getting showered and then going to work.

Might also take my mind off the nicotine withdrawal – did I mention that I’m quitting the tabs once I’ve run out (probably tomorrow or Wednesday) in favour of the endorphin rush of running. Can only be good in the long term, but I could well be miserable get in the short term. On the plus side, last time I gave up and then started again, I told folk at work that at least I wouldn’t be a miserable get any more. Turns out they’d never noticed, which means I’m either less of a miserable get while coming off the tabs than I thought, or that I’m a miserable get all the time, so the wouldn’t notice if one of the reasons for it went away. I’ll let you make your own mind up.


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