Morning, sunshine…

Posted: 05/01/2012 in Uncategorized

When I run, I feel like the centre of the universe. This is mainly because my water bottle holder slowly orbits my waist like a tiny planet as I plod along…

At least I have a waist now – or a least a bit that doesn’t bulge out so much as previously, so I’m calling it a waist and be done with it.

There’s something lovely about running into the sunrise, especially from pitch black (not counting the sodium glare of the street lights) into the early glow of the morning. The colours, the shapes, the waves on the sea, I could get quite poetic, honestly I could.

Traitorous Lefty Knee, however, keeps me rooted in reality with niggling pains as I go – think it’s just from over-exertion (which probably wouldn’t could as exertion in most people’s books) and will get better. I’ve got a couple of days before my next run, and it felt like giving it a bit of a work out today may actually be beneficial. I may have changed that view by this afternoon if the last time I damaged it is anything to go by, but I’m being positive. Tried to keep to small paces and follow the Way of the Duck, and I think that was the right thing to do.

I got a jacket in the sales, £15 instead of £60, and a day-glo Karrimor offering – it works rather well, and I didn’t get the usual cold arms as with the gilet. Was glad of my Buff scarf/bandana/hat/thing today, pulled it up over my chin to keep out the raging gale.

Right, as it’s a work day I’d better get myself sorted, I suppose – no sitting around drinking tea and eating cake for me…


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