Hills, mud and knees…

Posted: 08/01/2012 in Uncategorized

I decided to head back to the Rising Sun Country Park with my trail shoes again today – fancied a change from the nice, flat coast, I guess.

In the 13 week programme, I’m just starting week 7, which is 4:00 run / 2:00 walk – see what they did there? They snuck an extra minute in, all running.

Which turned out to be fine – there were one or two times I feared I was about to have a heart attack – it’s weird when you can feel the back of your skull vibrating with you heartbeat, but I assumed it’s all part of “getting fit” rather than “setting yourself up for hospital” and kept going.

Made it two and a half times ’round the park, which is twice up the hill – second time that was starting a run interval at the bottom of the hill – must have made it 75% of the way up in the run, didn’t stop (which is the good bit) and was still alive at the end – never thought I’d be able to run four minutes up a hill… that’s progress for you.

The other good thing about running the park is that the ground and scenery changes, taking your mind of any nagging pains (hello Lefty). On a coastal run I’d be thinking about it, trying to adjust my running and so on the whole trip. In the park I’m more thinking “mud, wheee!”.

Oh, yes, I nearly forgot – I’ve stopped smoking as of Friday. Will it last? Very much depends on the next couple of weeks.

  1. There was a day when I had this revelation that you can breathe like you’ve just seen something dreadful and you’re eight and you ran all the way home and yet.. you can still keep running. Don’t let the scary breathing freak you out, keep going, just slow down a bit 😉

  2. That’s some good advice – I figure quitting the tabs has helped in the “scary noise” department, too. Bonus!

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