We’re going to need a longer route…

Posted: 10/01/2012 in Uncategorized

Having trouble sleeping – I think it’s the nicotine withdrawal kicking in. To try an lull myself into sleep, I started daydreaming about trail running. Mad, I know, as it’s quite an exciting topic for me at the moment, so it wasn’t going to calm me down, but it was worth a buzz. Incidentally, when I imagine myself running, my knees don’t hurt – when I went out running this morning, my knees didn’t hurt – how’s that for visualisation?

I headed north today, with the idea that I’d make it to the lighthouse and back, and that would do my nine intervals. Poor judgement on my part, after two I was more than half way there. So, I decided to slog up to Seaton Sluice, the route I started out on all that time ago in October, and run back along the headland. Everything went quite well, though the run back along the headland in the pitch black was a bit on the exciting side. Not sure who was more shocked, me or the pre-dawn dog walker, given that neither of us had the foresight to take a torch.

I’m waiting on the entries opening for the North Tyneside 10k now – getting a little impatient. At the same time, I saw an advert in Runner’s World for their trail run in the summer – that looked like fun. Also saw the advert for the Hell Runner series – I’d love to give that a pop. There was a chance to win a VIP ticket and exclusive use of the VIP loo – that sounds mint, so I think I might enter the competition. Heaven help me should I win…

On a bum note, I tried out Zero drink tablets today – the advert sounded good, and as they were in Tesco, I figured I might as well give ’em a go as an alternative to my usual powder mix from Holland & Barrett. Bad move – I made it home with mintues to spare – despite a very healthy poo before heading out, the Zero worked it’s evil spell and gave me a dose of the squits. So, I won’t be using it again, and the search continues for an isotonic drink without artificial sweeteners. I’m not saying Zero isn’t fab for a lot of people, just it didn’t work for me.

I think I’ve decided to run my Sunday as an off-road run – it seems to help with my general fitness more than the straight road running. Also, I like mud.


  1. Ok, how’s this for sad? Before I go to sleep I visualise the route I’m planning to take the next day and enjoy imaginary running where, of course, I am stronger, faster and magically without the wheeze and the snotty sleeves.

  2. I think that sounds ace. Especially the lack of snotty sleeves.

    When I read books about running (Feet in the Clouds, Born to Run, etc.) I can feel myself whizzing up those hills – it feels good, and I’m quite impressed with myself. Just have to work on the ‘reality’ bit.

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