Not running, but…

Posted: 13/01/2012 in Uncategorized

Had a day off – got nothing done at all, partly because I ended up running the family back and forth to work and college. Went to pick J up from work and we had a game of badminton – I figured my new toned running body would think that was simples, but no, it was quite tricksy. I suspect that it’s because these muscles I’ve been building are only designed to go forward and continuously, whereas badminton demands left, right, back, forward, quick, quick, quick.. .you missed!

My thighs in particular, were a bit confused by the whole affair – sure I’ll be fine for Sunday’s run, but they’re feeling a little conked now.

I got some Chia seeds in the post earlier in the week – my own fault for starting to read “Born to Run”, and stuck some in a bottle with 9x the amount of water, some sugar (well, agave nectar if you must know) and the juice of a lemon, just like the book. I had a sneaky try of them on Wednesday night, and they were very much the consistency I would imagine frog spawn would be, and yet tasted quite nice. J said the idea of them made her want to hurl, so I’ve stopped mentioning them.

This is what they look like is a swanky glass, rather than my constantly-recycled bashed-in mineral water bottle:

I took them out running yesterday morning, and they were pretty cool – kept me from getting thirsty, didn’t have any unpleasant after-effects, like artificial sweeteners seem to have on me, and left me feeling alright until lunch time. I’ve got another batch in the fridge, waiting for Sunday, but as far as I can tell if you can get over the consistency thing then they’re class. They were like a mixture between food and a drink…

Here’s a close-up of the blighters – they’re quite friendly:

My one helpful bit of advice about Chia seeds is to make ’em in advance – they can be a little clumpy when you first make them, but they sort themselves out nicely overnight. The spacing between the seeds is the gel, but if the seeds can’t get enough water, then the gap is smaller, and some will stick together. If you let them stand for a bit, then the happy seeds that have filled up will sink, whereas the “still working on it” seeds will rise. If you look at the bottle and you have a gap of liquid at the top, then you’re sorted, give ’em a shake and you’re good to go.

Very tempted to go to the Parkrun in Newcastle tomorrow, but slightly worried that:

  • It might knacker me for Sunday, 10k back off the road and in the mud!
  • 5k non-walking might be a bit of a push (that sounds so rubbish, but it’s also sort of true)

I think I’m going to give it a couple of weeks ’til I get on the “nearly all running” part of the 13 week programme, then I’ll pop along – it looks grand.

After dropping off J this morning, I treated myself to a fried breakfast at the Metro Centre (vegetarian, though, so it’s healthy) and also had my first visit to Sweatshop there, to see what it was like and whether their sale had any gems (was hoping for an OMM Last Drop in a bargain bucket, haha…). Spent about ten minutes in there, just me and the person stood at the till – he didn’t say hello or ask if I needed a hand or anything, and I was doing my best quizzical look at the bags too, so I left – will stick to the shops in Newcastle city from now on, except to make trips to Up & Running in Gosforth – who had the best, well-informed and friendliest (to a total beginner, anyway) staff in any of the shops I’ve been to. Start Fitness would have been neck and neck, as I had some excellent shoe-buying advice in there, and they’ve been generally fantastic all the way, but I also had some staggeringly bad trail-shoe advice in there (which was basically “These are them, they’re all a bit different. No there’s none in the sale.”), which marks them down and is also what ended me up in Gosforth in the first place to get some trail-shoes.

Right, not bad for a non-run day, I reckon, off to make some tea and drink too much wine – that’ll be Friday then… 🙂

  1. I’ve been hearing more and more about Chia seeds – any way you could post a photo of the drink so I can see what it looks like once concocted!
    After my spirulina experiences I sympathise with the frog spawn drink experience!

    • I’ll add a picture later today. I’m quite liking them so far, especially with a dash of lemon and something to sweeten them a little, as they have basically no taste at all. The key seems to be to get the 9:1 ratio about right – last lot I made had maybe not enough water, and there were a couple of clumps of seeds. Sorted it out by drinking a bit, adding a bit more water and shaking it well.

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