What no mud…!?!

Posted: 15/01/2012 in Uncategorized

It was a clear night last night, and the ground was all white and frosty. The roads were OK in a “don’t go to fast” kind of way, and the trip to the country park isn’t that far, so off I went.

This was the first time I’d run in a heavy frost, and the mixture of frost, sun rising and no breeze made for a fantastic backdrop – cold, but not bitter without a wind to nip. Simply stunning – and as I plodded up the hill, the view from the top was worth the tired calves.

My running style (for want of a better word) is getting better. While the one minute recovery walk was not quite enough, the five minute running was pretty good. Even the five minute from the bottom of the hill (all the way too, I didn’t stop, honest) was groovy, shift down a gear and remember it’s perseverance that counts, not speed or distance. Down the hill is still a bit funky, trying not to hold back – which means fighting gravity, you’re never going to win that one – let your legs wobble their way, wave your arms to steady yourself, and you’re a good ‘un.

Flat bits now feel like a joy, almost a chance to recover from the hill. Concentrate on the calves and feet, relax those muscles an let the legs find their own path. Seems to work too, I was OK to drive into the country for a walk with J straight after.

I reckon the game now is less about getting the running bit right, and more about the stamina. So, 10k today, but need to do it all running. With the walking bit, it was 1:07, without I’d hope to get under one hour.

Had the feeling I could just keep going today. In fact, I did keep going to get up to 10k – that golden milestone – well, I passed 9k part way through the final interval, so I figured why not?

Can’t imagine what I’d have thought if you’d told me I would be doing that at the start of November!


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