Many a slip twixt pillar and post…

Posted: 20/01/2012 in Uncategorized

Or something like that.

Friday morning, and continuing on my “one day late” theme for this week I headed out to whizz along to Tynemouth. Whitley Bay was grand, but the frost became a bit thicker and bit more treacherous the more affluent the neighbourhood became – could there be some link between money and cold? Surely not. Though, when you think about it, there are a lot of poor people live in some very hot countries, and some of the richest people in the world live in Switzerland (and others even send their money on holiday there) and it’s quite cold… persuasive evidence, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Anyhow, I made decent time to Tynemouth, and decided to swing back along the main road behind the front, rather than double back. I’d assumed it would be less frosty, though I’d not bargained on the fact that the houses there are slightly grander, and so it was more slippy if anything. Peculiarly, it was the walking bits where I was a bit uncertain on my pins, the running bits were fine.

I’ve become interested in the idea of barefoot running – not that I’m about to try it soon, but more the idea that leading with your heel is a bad plan, and landing on your midsole is better. I’m interested because I think that’s what I do – my strides aren’t long enough to engage my heel first, and that made me wonder if I’m already a natural runner. Who knows, but I also think those Vibram Five Fingers shoes look mint, the trail running ones are like gorilla feet, and would surely scare the early morning dogs at the country park…

Speaking of which, I’ll be back there on Sunday, I reckon, on to 7:00 / 2:00  run:walk combination. While I had initially felt a little worried about the times creeping up, my all-run on Wednesday has cured me of that, and I’m looking forward to it. Not sure how the hill will work out, it’s about a 5:00 ascent, so I’ll be running down as well, I guess. More practise for the windmill-arms technique I’ve been working on – it may keep me steady, but you wouldn’t want to be standing near to me without some protective head gear.

Also, in major-excitement news, my pack arrivded from Medecins Sans Frontieres today, with two T-shirts! One was a regular T-shirt, the other a running vest. Mrs Angry-Bees immediately told me the vest wouldn’t suit me, but that’s not counting the time between now and April 8th, but which time I could be all kinds of Charles Atlas. A picture at some point, I guess, but not tonight – there’s beer to be drunk and TV to be watched.


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