That’ll be the thigh, then?

Posted: 24/01/2012 in Uncategorized

Cut my run short today – thigh was feeling a bit wonky stil. I ran on it OK, but was aware that it was aching, so only completed four of the six intervals. I reckon I’ll give Thursday a miss, see how it is on Sunday and maybe start Week 9 of the programme again.

On a plus note, two intervals got me to the lighthouse road, which is 3km – not bad going, I reckon.

The other thing convincing me to hold off was an early start at work today – “busy” just doesn’t cover it.

Additional (at 10pm) – my thigh has been a right pain (no pun intended) today, stairs have been quite shocking. It seems to have calmed down now to the point of being a wee niggle, but I’m going to see what happens tomorrow before forming any opinions about running on Thursday morning. The sensible person in my head is saying “It needs a rest”, but they’re slightly drowned out by the child in there shouting “weee, running, we can go running!”. Like I say, we’ll see how it goes – it’s possible I’m getting to know my Iliotibial Band, I suppose… sounds like the same symptoms as ITBS.


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