Fun with Magic Markers

Posted: 29/01/2012 in Uncategorized

I passed the 10k mark again today – good for the soul and heartening for the upcoming North Tyneside 10k Road Race in April. At a time of 1:07, with four minutes warm up at the start and a total of fourteen minutes walk intervals, I’d hope I can improve on that on the day.

So, Deja Vu, Obsession and Synchronicity – not only the name of my range of perfumes (if I had a range of perfumes – hang on, Obsession has been done, hasn’t it?), but also the three things in my head today.

– Deja Vu: here I am, repeating week 9. After my shonky thigh last week, I figured I’d give it another go. I think it was a good idea too, the 7/2 splits were about right. Thigh was relatively OK; bit thingy, but I think that’s a “live with” kind of thing.

– Obsession: slightly off-topic, but I’ve been listening to Jose Gonzalez a lot recently, enjoying his folky guitar stylings and melancholic vibe. It’s properly good music to cook to, and as I cook most nights that’s a good thing to find.

– Synchronicity: one of his songs seems to be designed for runners, I only started to pick out the lyrics this last week, but they include “we need hints, before we get tired” and “we need hints, to know we’re on the right track”. OK, it doesn’t look like much typed out, but if you check it out on YouTube, you’ll see what I mean – the track is called “Hints”.

On a running-grooviness scale, I’m feeling like a decent 8/10 at the moment, not quite a gazelle, but maybe a slightly tired sheep. Running in a race seems do-able, as does the dream of running up in the hills – perhaps not for a while for the second one, and I’d be the first to point out that I don’t run many hills, but in an aspirational stylee.

So, with that in mind, welcome to week nine, version two – it’s looking like a good one.


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