The morale of the story

Posted: 02/02/2012 in Uncategorized

No, the spelling’s correct – today is all about morale, well, not quite, but at least to start with.

I used a foam roller on my thigh last night, recommended treatment for ITB problems – and to be honest it wasn’t the pain-fest that people had suggested. Yes, a bit niggly, but not as bad as the actual pain. My leg felt a bit better afterwards, too, so I figured score!

Got up this morning and didn’t think I’d run – leg felt like poo, and my knee was aching too. That was the low point. Should I go back to bed, should I see what happened, not a good moment.

But, I figured I’d get dressed, go out and be prepared to come straight back again if it was rubbish.

First interval and it actually felt OK, but I was ready for the pain to creep in. It didn’t happen. Two intervals and I was still going. Three and I was feeling good. Quite surprising all things considered.

The story could end there, with me completing all five intervals quite happily, but life has a way of giving you a slap round the chops to make sure you’re not getting carried away.

What started as a mild “maybe I’d like to visit a toilet when I get back” rapidly turned into spasms of fighting to keep control of my body. Luckily it was a bit of a wonky circuit today, so I was able to head back early and clamp myself to the toilet. Not a pretty story, but no-one’s dignity was shattered in the making of it, thank goodness. Definitely adds to my theory that I’m a bit under the weather at the moment. The plague is in our house at the moment, so I may have picked that up.

Still, leg feels good, so that’s pretty fanatastic. Morale is good.


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