Ice, ice baby…

Posted: 07/02/2012 in Journal, Running

Yup, it was a bit sketchy out this morning, some slipping, not much sliding but thankfully no falling whatsoever.

Today was a massive hike up in terms of running – going from a 10 minute / 1 minute, repeat four times to the lofty heights of 20 minutes / 1 minute and repeat once. Now that may not sound like much to the seasoned veterans who think nothing of running non-stop for a month at a time, but for me it sounded quite daunting. Add to that the fund of the weather and it was looking like a midly terrifying morning.

I set off with my customary stiffness and aching thigh, and started running like I was made of twigs, slow, jerky and I had the impression I was limping. From my wealth of experience, I now know that this is to be expected, as my body, somewhat like a sheep has a memory of ten seconds and is easily surprised by the new.

I’d set up Runmeter to tell me every five minutes into the twenty, which was a good motivation – if I’d just set off to run twenty I would have been wondering about the time all the way – also, knowing that you’re half way into the interval helps a lot, as then you’ve got no reason not to keep going (kind of).

After twenty minutes, I’d made it along the sea front, and into the main street in Tynemouth – pretty good going, I reckon, and something of a milestone – a couple of years back we had a mad idea about getting fit and running to Tynemouth and back on New Year’s Eve – well, I finally did it! The ice was grim in a few places, but my steps are so wee and my pace so gentle that I only slipped a bit at the back end of a step, and didn’t skid around too much (except for one patch of memorable sheet ice).

After the first interval, I turned my self around and had a one minute walk before setting off again – J asked afterwards whether I could have just kept going – the honest answer is I have no idea, but I was glad of a slight break to have a drink.

Half way through the second twenty minute run, I tried out a Powerbar Gel – raspberry, I think, and whoa was it ever sweet! Did it make a difference? I’m not sure again, I felt a little more whizzy afterwards but that could be because I was nearly done or the elation at actually completing two twenty minutes runs without stopping. Would I try it again? I’ll maybe try some other types – it was a bit too sweet, and while I was fine running, I think it had an effect afterwards, and I wouldn’t want the same thing happening mid-race and end up doing a “Radcliffe”.  I think they could be helpful in the closing bit of a race, but I would want to find one that I could take without adverse effect – I’ve got another from another make that I was given to try out – we’ll see what effect that has…

Post-run, and I decided to try something new – usually I’m too busy collapsing in a heap to do anything else, but I’d read in Runner’s World that strethcing post-run is more effective and beneficial that pre-run. So, I dutifully performed a few stretches, and you know what? I’m less achy than I would expect to be at this point – we’ll see how it develops through the day.

On another note, I applied for and got a place in the Blaydon Race in June – very excited and it also feels all historical – my grandmother lived up the road from Blaydon, in Winlaton, so it feels like a link to her as well. I’ll have to larn the song…. 🙂


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