Stag do!

Posted: 09/02/2012 in Journal, Running

Interesting morning, this morning. I figured it was high time I hit the hill at the Country Park again, so I dropped off at college, then drove up the road to get there – it was cold this morning, not as cold as yesterday, but still a bit brrr.

It was raining too, did I mention that? Not a fan of rain, aspecially not without my peaked cap that keeps the drops off me specs, but I’m not a giving up type of person (allegedly), so I stuck with it. I arrived, parked in Asda’s car park (as the Country Park seem to open their car park pretty much when they fancy, and the supermarket is just outside) and headed up the road. Sliiiiiiiip!

Yup, the road was icy, pretty much sheet ice, while the roads I’d just driven in on must have been treated and were fine. So, edge along the strip of grass and up the the start of the trail. Next problem. I’d imagined, that being mud and uneven, the trail woudl be fine. Nope. Sheet ice – two steps and I was properly out of control, skidding around. Maybe just the hill, then, that’s grass, and the other end of the trail leads there quite quickly. Nope. Other trail was sheet ice too, and I could the the woods at the bottom where the path was white with ice. Hey-ho.

However, as I was feeling a bit demoralised and was about to turn around, I spotted this chap…

Now I’d heard there was a stag roaming the park, and I’d seen a picture someone else had taken, but never seen it. Here he was, right in front of me, mixing it up with the horses, who seemed unconcerned with the pointy horse next to them. I got a couple of shots before he wandered off, but it was worth not running to get a glipse of him. Incidentally, you can see the path and the ice too – not good, even with my tiny-teeny steps… I’m still not a svelt featherweight runner and my momentum would have done me wrong.

Back home then, but wait! I don’t like to miss a run, and when I’d left the coast it didn’t seem to bad, maybe the coast would be de-iced and prime for running. It was – though I found it hard going – I may have to re-do this week, as I don’t think I’ve done it justice. Then again I may press on for the 25 minute intervals of weeks 11.

Towards the end of the run, I tried out a High 5 gel that Jon at work gave me – it was a lot less difficult to swallow that the Power Bar one I tried earlier in the week. Not so sweet, and not so bad on the digestive tract. I might give them another go – I did feel a bit more energetic afterwards.

That wraps up week 10 of the 13 week programme – I’m currently running at fifteen weeks of actual time, what with the missing weeks of injury and the odd repetition of a week. Still, I’ve got a few spare weeks in hand before 8 April to complete the programme and then keep going. All looking good.

  1. kevinallan says:

    Great deer pic Dave. Have you worked out a camera-carrying technique or was this taken with a phone ?

    • Thanks Kevin.

      Afraid this was taken with my trusty iPhone, as I haven’t figured out an ergonomic way to carry the 5D yet – also not sure I’d be up to the substantial extra weight – maybe take it as ballast if it’s windy?

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