Mud, sweat and … well, more sweat to be honest

Posted: 12/02/2012 in Uncategorized

I’ve not seen any research into how much a pig actually sweats, but if it is the same amount that I do when I’m running, then I see why they’ve had to adapt to like being in mud. Speaking of which, so do I, so maybe there is a link…

Yay! The world (or at leat my part of it) has pretty much defrosted over the weekend, so I got to hit the Country Park this morning – a fabulous blend of hill, trail and mud. I always feel like I’ve achieved something more when I finish up caked in liquid earth, and today was no exception. Roads are nice, and great for building up endurance I reckon, but a hill and bit of a squishy terrain make for far more excitement and a bit of variety.

Also, this was the start of Week 11 of my 13 week programme, so the end is in sight, though the intervals go a bit mental from here on in. Tpday was two 25 minute runs with a minute for breath-getting in the middle. I reckon that on a road I could have clumped that out and kept going for the full time – as it was, I had a sneaky walk half way through the first set as I topped out on the hill – it was that or die, and I haven’t done the food shop yet, so I needed to keep alive for a while longer. A couple more in the second interval, as I was “listening to my body”, which was shouting “hey, give it a rest”, so I had a couple of handful-of-seconds walks, though each has a good excuse I could deply if needed, I promise.

On the downhill from the hill, I tried following the advice I’ve been reading, which is to let gravity take its course, and worry about slowing down at the bottom (the idea being that it gets flatter there, so you should be OK, so long as there’s not a main road). It’s not a serious slope, but I got up a bit of speed, and felt like it was working for me – plus the added bonus of a big muddy puddle at the bottom to splash through.

On my couple of circuits of the park, I ran past one pair of dog-walking chaps four times – they must have thought I was odd, and I reckon they could have chosen from:

  1. Mad
  2. Identical quads
  3. Lost
  4. Some kind of ultra-athlete

I’m going with number 4, though the look in their eyes the final time I ran past them leads me towards a niggle that they may have ended up at 1.

So, in short, good session, lots of mud, felt proper athletic and sweated like an actual pig. Result.


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