Runmeter Run 12 Feb 2012 08:58:53

Posted: 12/02/2012 in Uncategorized

Route: New Route
Activity: Wk 11 Run 1
Google Maps URL:

Shortened Google Maps URL:
Import URL: Started: 12 Feb 2012 08:58:53
Run Time: 54:23
Stopped Time: 1:50
Distance: 8.28 km
Average Pace: 6:34 /km
Fastest Pace: 5:08 /km
Ascent: 114 meters
Descent: 118 meters
Calories: 996
Official: No

  1. Anita says:

    That’s good going Dave :-).

    Checked the North Tyneside 10k date – too early in April, am starting from scratch today and won’t be ready in time – thanks anyway and good luck for the day, looks like you’re ready for 10ks already :-).

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