Working’ 9 to 5…

Posted: 14/02/2012 in Uncategorized

Swings and roundabouts today, though not much time in the play park.

I decided today was the day to try running into work, as I have a locker with a suit in it and a plan and everything.

It’s only 6km, which is nowt, but living by the coast it means that any jaunt inland is uphill. It was also the first time I’d run with a pack, and to make it better there was a headwind.

Hard going? Oh yes, and while I’d have plodded it out no bother on the coast, I had to take a few breathers as I went. I made it through (it was that or not make it to work, which isn’t an option) and stumbled to my locker and on to the shower.

The rest of the day was, well, work, and my legs have been a bit creaky. I was going to run home too, but a family mini-crisis meant that I got picked up and whisked off for a problem-sharing coffee. Or a joint rant, choose your description.

So, need to take spare suit back in tomorrow, and then try there and back next week, I guess. If I could find another pair of shoes then that would cut down on the weight – maybe a pack-towel while I’m on…

Not a fun run today, but a bit of a learning experience. As our car parking policy is being reviewed, it looks likely that I’ll need to get used to it…


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