Today was a good day…

Posted: 16/02/2012 in Uncategorized

No kidding – not a bad end of week 11 of the 13 week programme.

Today was down for a forty minute run, a one minute walk, then a final ten minute run. Sounded OK, but as I’ve been having trouble keeping going for the longer times, I was a little bit nervous.

Needn’t have worried, I set off manfully, even without my lucky running hat, and it seemed like the right choice – it was close to being warm today, and I could feel the moisture build up as I went. Ten minutes in, no problem, twenty minutes in and I was making good progress, up to Seaton Sluice then swing back via the coast and back to Whitley Bay. I’d cunningly broken the forty minutes into four ten-minute intervals, with an announcement at twenty five minutes so I’d know I was half way. That came and went pretty much as I swung around to head back.

Fifteen minutes later and I was heading along the Links when I got my minute breather – it was welcome, I’m not denying it, but I could probably have soldiered on. The minute seemed to last an age, then I was back up to plodding speed for the final ten minutes, past the Spanish City and along the promenade.

I finished up right next to some poor lady who was clearly working up the mental strength to set off – I think I put the wind up her as I pulled up and started walking and wheezing. It would have been obvious that I would be no threat to any but the weakest of constitutions, but she took the opportunity to stop and peer out to sea. Probably as well, as it meant she didn’t have to see the I’m tired / I’m exuberant faces I was pulling.

Didn’t even feel that much after effect from Tuesday’s run to work – thinking I may be fancying a pop at the Parkrun in Newcastle on Saturday, but we’ll see.

Get me, I’m like a sweaty bullet, screaming towards a slightly lardy target.

Two weeks of the programme left, and I’m looking forward to it.

  1. Thanks Dash! Have to say, I’m properly enjoying your blog – worth folk checking it out, you’ve got a nice style.

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