This is the run that never was…

Posted: 19/02/2012 in Uncategorized

Not such a good run today, and I’d hoped my 100th post would be full of amazingness, but I guess it’s just how things sometimes go.

There were a number of contributing factors:

  • Still a bit gimpy after yesterday’s Parkrun, though still bouyed up by a good pace…
  • A night out on the beer last night – I don’t do this often, so the after effects are a bit proounced, I reckon
  • I don’t like running in the evening – morning is my time, that’s when I do my thing.

It was disaster from the start, I’d programmed the run into Runmeter wrong, and had to re-set the intervals while moving – not recommended.

After that, I got started, hoping that the persistent niggle in my right knee would go away as I ran on, but it didn’t. I ran maybe a mile before having to stop, turn around and walk home – not what I was hoping for, but I figured that if I’d gone on, I could have done some actual proper damage.

So, thinking I will repeat Week 12, Run 1 on Tuesday, hopefully with better results.

Still, 100 posts, eh?

  1. Liking 100 blogs, not liking the knee injury, obviously

  2. I heartily endorse this blog or blogs 🙂

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