Quick, quick, shuffleshuffle quick

Posted: 22/02/2012 in Uncategorized

Yesterday’s run was a bit tricky, wasn’t feeling at all well, and only managed the run to Tynemouth and back (about 4 miles).

Think I’ve been neglecting my foam roller, so I’m going to have a pop tonight, undoubtedly that’ll make me feel like I can’t walk tomorrow, but if past experience is anything to go by, then it’s clear up once I get going.

I can feel week 12 being repeated, as I also forgot that I’d removed the warm-up from the run last time out when I got the whole thing wrong – so I spent half the first ten minute section walking, which was quite annoying.

Still, got my membership through for the Vegetarian Cycling & Athletics Club, so I can order a spiffing yellow-and-green vest now. 🙂

Thining ahead, and looking at other races, I reckon marathons can wait until next year, but I’m on the lookout for a nice nearby half somewhere in the tail end of the year. Maybe get another 10k or two booked in for Autumn.

  1. Ahh, you have just reminded me about the fact that I’ve been severely neglecting my foam roller. I need to get on that today!
    I had a sports massage after the Brighton Half & the Physio worked into my ITB with her forearm, I wanted to kick/punch her but afterwards I felt amazing and hardly noticed any DOMS the following day. Definitely worth suffering through the few minutes of torture.

    Good luck finding a nice half marathon later in the year, I’m registered for Royal Parks in October and considering the Cardiff Half.

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