It isn’t over until the fat bloke runs…

Posted: 24/02/2012 in Uncategorized

Excellent run today – I should have run yesterday, but I’ve been a bit under the weather, so I opted to give it a day and see – still sniffly and some exciting stomach related action, but I felt it wasn’t quite bad enough to hide under the duvet.

Today was the first run in the progamme to just be a time, no intervals. Forty-five minutes for you stats fans, no breather in the middle, no walk-a-bit-run-a-bit-repeat action. I’ve learned that after the initial clunky bit of my legs waking up I can sometimes find a pace that keeps on giving – no idea what that pace is (or I didn’t) but I’ve sometimes got to the point in a run where I think “reckon I could keep this up for a bit”. Admittedly, it’s usually followed by me thinking “who am I kidding” but, like a complete set of Lego, the building blocks were there.

With much in common with Santa Claus, I programme my run into Runmeter then checked it twice – I’ve had two disasters in the last two runs from wonky intervals and non-existent warm up periods. Turned out it was “nice”, so I set off. Warm up was nothing to write home about, then into the run (singular, you’ll notice).

It’s hard to describe, other than to say I started going and kept going. Nothing fell off, nothin blew up, no animals were harmed. Just a canny 45 minute, almost 5 mile run. I’d have liked to reach 5 miles, but there you go. It wasn’t exactly effortless, but I tapped into my running nirvana and kept resolutely sticking one leg in front of the other. After a while, I reached Tynemouth, that seemed fine, then I kept going, starting to head out towards North Shields – surely the half way klaxon must go off fairly soon (see, I’m clever enough to remember to tell myself to turn around half way through) and it did. I duly spun around like a gyroscope and continued back the way I’d arrived. Plod, plod, plod, on I went and eventually got back – it was nice, it went well, I feel good, and that’s about all there is to it, other than to say I ran 45 minutes without stopping – I am an athlete!

Time-wise, I’ve never got the hang of times, as everyone else (the grown up runners) seem to talk in miles and I’ve used kilometres so far. I switch Runmeter over to miles today, and found out I was coming in at 10:09 per mile. Given that I seen threads about breaking 11:00 miles, I was a bit surprised. Maybe it’s that the slower pace is for longer races, but nonetheless I was quite made up.

Right. That’s Week 12 done with, next week is Week 13, the Final Week, the Return of the End Week, the Last Week Strikes Back and Indiana Jones and the Last Week of Doom (hopefully not).

  1. J says:

    There’s nothing quite like finding your “running nirvana”. Just makes the miles glide by.

    Sounds like you’re doing great buddy :tup:

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