Round up (yeee-haw!)

Posted: 03/03/2012 in Uncategorized

For the stat-fans out there (like me), I thought I’d share my numbers after completing the 13 week programme. They make for some interesting reading (for me, at any rate, probably not for you), but not quite as good as the graphs. Watching my average pace creep closer to my fastest pace as the runs go by has been a good motivation.

To date, since 31st October 2011, I have:

  • Run 54 times
  • Run for a total of 43 hours, 22 minutes and 35 seconds
  • Covered 221.8 miles
  • Burned 38,513 calories
  • Averaged 5.11mph, which is an average pace of 11:44 per mile (including all the walking bits)
  • Ascended 8,274 feet
  • Descended 8,509 feet

Pace-wise, my last run came out at an average 5.88mph, which is 10:12 per mile. On my first run, the same figures were 4.22mph for a 14:13 mile.

All the stats come from Runmeter, my running companion and general stat-freak-dream-app for my iPhone. It also provided the maps and run reports and posts them on the blog for me – think this would have been a whole lot harder without good ol’ Runmeter.

Now into the bright, light world of non-programme running. But what to do tomorrow? I can feel some mud is on the cards. 🙂


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