A new day dawns…

Posted: 06/03/2012 in Uncategorized

No, seriously, it does – look:

But also in a metaphorical type of way, too – as I thought I’d take the plunge into the ol’ barefoot running thing today – nice and easy start, mind, at the beach.

It was cold out, there was ice on the car windscreens, but I headed my way out in shorts (it was sooo cold) and my old Nike neoprene shoes – I got them a good few years ago, you can swim in them, paddle about at the pool side, or go on the beach. I’m sure there are other things you can do with them too – I’ve used them for DIY, for example.

Down to the beach then, shoes off and into my backpack (to keep the towel company) and I headed the few feet to this end of Whitley Bay beach. The sand was not the warm, sun-drenched variety that the writers of barefoot running books seem to enjoy, it was more your “soles will stick to the sand it’s so cold” variety. However, if I’ve learned one thing about running, it’s that standing about philosophising does not warm you up.

Off I went, one step, two steps, you get the picture. My feet were so cold that I wasn’t sure I was getting any of the promised “feetback” (see what they did there, mixing feet and feedback), but at least I couldn’t feel any razor shells puncturing my soles either.

Pretty soon, I was quite enjoying myself, running along the shoreline, dodging in and out of the breakers – trying to land on the ball of my foot, and aim for the mystic 180 steps per minute (well, not so much aim, more take smaller, faster steps – I can’t count 1/3 of a second too well).

In retrospect, it was mainly my firm British control over the outburst of emotion that stopped me from giggling like a loon – this was fun! After my feet de-iced, the sand felt pretty lovely, the bits of seaweed and rock making for an interesting obstacle course.

My calves ached – did I mention that? I think it’s down to the slight bit more drop in my heel, not having shoes on, but I reckon they’ll be a pile of fun later today after a few hours sat at a desk.

Reached the other end, turned around, came back – more fun, but this time into the sunrise, which was pretty fine. Got back to the start and met a chap limbering up for a run – we had a brief chat about barefooting along the beach – think he seemed keen to have a pop too. 🙂

EDIT: It’s now 8pm and good grief, I was right about the calves. Sure they’ll be just fine, but yow! Also, a colleague at work told me he checked his car about the same time, and it was -2c…


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