Recuperate, moi? (MkII)

Posted: 08/03/2012 in Uncategorized

Today’s plan: Get up early, drive to Hadrian’s Wall, bit of a trail run along the wall, back home. Easy, yes?


It’s all Tuesday’s fault, really. Well, I suppose you can’t blame an actual day, so let’s say it’s my own stupid fault.

Tuesday’s exciting run on the beach, while magical and marvellous left me almost unable to walk. My calves were so sore it was unreal – stairs were a virtual impossibility. Still, I soldiered on (brave me!) and hoped all would get better.

Yesterday was hell, the calves were no better, and despite some intensive foam-rollering they hadn’t improved much this morning, There was the odd twinge of things being better, but after consideration I figured I didn’t want my first experience of running the wall to involve being air-lifted to eternal embarassment with a torn whatever.

So I decided to have a slow amble along the coast,and see whether that would help things out. I noticed that the calves were much worse for sitting still, so a bit of light exercise might aid recovery.

Not wanting to do too much, I figured I’d run until I felt a bit knackered and then come back – which turned out to be as far as the Toy Museum, a bit over a mile away. Barely a run, almost didn’t break a sweat. The going was fair, the calves were muscle-sore, rather than tearing-sore, so I kept at it. In retorspect, I needn’t have made up some chia seeds last night, but I had vain hopes of being 100% fit and off to see the Romans.

Job done, back at home – see how things improve – may do the Parkrun on Saturday if the calves are OK…

Random chia seed fact: if you add the juice of a lime, it stops them clumping together. If you don’t, it’s clumps-a-go-go.

  1. J says:

    If MY running route had a toy museum at the apex, I wouldn’t be coming back.

    Also, I used to date an exotic dancer called Clumps Agogo. True story*

    *Not a true story.

  2. Aye, that’s why I’ve never mentioned the Toy Museum before, for fear of clogging the paths of Tynemouth up with other runners keen to enjoy it’s many and varied excitements.

    Clumps Agogo is a particularly fine name, I wonder whether I should start using it on my race entries… some of them print your name on your number you know, which would put the other runners off I reckon, and I may gain a place or two.

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