All the people, so many people…

Posted: 10/03/2012 in Uncategorized

Wow. Lots of people at the Parkrun this morning.

I was a bit apprehensive, what with my calves still being cack from Tuesday – I rated them 6/10 before the run, and could feel the tightness and a bit of burn as I walked. Still, 5km is a nice short, distance, right, shorter than I usually run, and it fitted nicely into the weekend schedule to get out there this moning.

As last time, I turned up a bit early, had a bit of a jog and stood about for a while. It was quite breezy on the Town Moor, and I figured there’s be a head wind at some point in the run, so not likely to get a new Personal Best. The calves, too, of course would be a bit of a deciding factor. The goal was simple, to get below 30:00 for the run.

Starting off, my calves felt like I’d expect them to be after 7-8km normally, a bit achy and heavy. I tried to hold my pace down a bit, to give them time to warm up. But I’m a compulsive over-taker – if there’s someone in front running about the same speed as me, I seem to be unable to not put a spurt on and try to tag them.

First kilometre was OK – up to the gate at the top of the moor – feeling a bit tired, but no other ill effects. Along the top to 2km and it flashes by quite quickly – the narrow path means you’re thinking about position a fair bit, trying to find gaps and not get in the way of folk coming up behind. Through the next gate and onto the rough track – last time I properly loved this bit, as I like a spot of trail more than the next person, but I was feeling pretty done in.Off to 3km and the switchback from the military vehicle museum back to the centre of the moore and off towards home.

It’s the bit between 3.5km and 4km that properly does it for me – slight uphill, very smooth and this time with a head wind – told you there’d be one. My calves were ready to catch fire, and I had to walk for a bit – could I have kept going? Maybe, but I had dreadful thoughts of tearing something. Off again, up to the centre and through the gate. Now 4km, and that’s a good feeling, except I had to walk a bit again, as the calves were shutting down. After about 4.5km, you can see the edge of the moor and the finish line – once you can see it, that’s a good motivation – I kept going, even a wee spurt right at the end, I reckon, then stop.

Calves felt awfully painful, didn’t want to just stand in the queue so I was hopping about, stretching, trying to soothe my lower legs a bit.

Job done, time clocked, and back home – the calves are very muscle-sore, but they’re not damagesore like they have been. If I keep moving for a couple of hours, I may even survive.

I reckon the couple of days off before the next run on Tuesday is pretty much just what the doctor would order if he only knew. Maybe a nice bath, too…

Time? I clocked 28:46, which is 9:16 per mile. Still well below my solo run speeds, but not as good as the last time, when I was all in working order. Suspect the official time will come in a little lower, but not much. [EDIT: Official results are in, I finished #266 at 28:23]


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