They call me the Night Rider…

Posted: 15/03/2012 in Uncategorized

Can’t beat a bit of Mad Max, I say, though a bit less driving and a bit more running would make it more relevant to the matter at hand…

I decided it would be fun to go for a night run tonight – never tried it before. Off I tootled to the Country Park with my head torch and shoes, and proceeded to ‘have it large’ around the trails.

It’s fun, night running, though I think new batteries may be called for – my old Black Diamond head torch wasn’t quite as bright as I might have like, though I did have to switch to the insipid LED mode in the woods, as the halogen bulb was blinding my tiny eyes.

Only a short run, as I’m not by nature an evening runner, and the after-effects of today’s diet, which consisted mostly of gingerbread rabbits, started to make itself known. I’ll have to bear that in mind for the Blaydon Race, which has an evening start – don’t spend the day eating gingerbread rabbits, they may have a wicked little smile, but they don’t make you run any faster…

Enjoyed it mind, and I’ll probably give it another go at some point.

Never let it be said that a boy with a credit card lacks the ability to shock

As I checked that my salary had gone into the bank this morning, my eye strayed across the Future NE Races website, as I was thinking about a half-marathon towards the end of the year. There was nothing close, but I did notice the Kielder Marathon on October 7th. About perfect timing, but also about twice the distance I was thinking of.

Still, it’s trails, which I like, it’s at the right time, which is cool, and I’d just read an article about it in Trail Runner magazine, which made it sound like the kind of run that Jesus would do if not for all that messy transubstantiation rubbish.

Two minutes and one bank card later, and I’m booked on the run. Ha! I am now 50% “Hurrah” and 50% “What have I done”, but with six months to get from 10km to around 40km, I figure I’ve got time on my side. Anyway, that’ll teach the Great North Run for not pulling my name out of the hat – just watch as I limp around the reservoir rather than across the Tyne Bridge. Will you ever be sorry.

Right, I’m off to sit in a dark corner and consider what I’ve done…


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