Road Runner (meep meep)

Posted: 21/03/2012 in Uncategorized

Another lovely morning, another time I managed to get up at 6am, and so another run – once again flouting my Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday rule. I think I’ve just instigated a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday  two-week cycle. As what now amounts to “marathon training”, I reckon that’s a decent start.

Just a short run this morning, about four miles, along to Tynemouth and back – I’m enjoying watching my pace as I run, and it’s interesting to watch as I flag about on the way back – that’ll be the stamina then, and something I need to work on ahead of the Kielder Marathon in October. Or, in fact, ahead of the Hadrian’s Wall Marathon in June.

What? I hadn’t told you? Well, I entered a half marathon trail run in June, on the theory that it would be good training heading towards October. Which is weird – previously, the thought of a half-marathon in June would have given me the heebie-jeebies, but now I’m seeing it as a stepping stone. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still mildly bricking it at the thought of running 13.1 miles (currently topping out at a record 7 miles), but I reckon if I up my long run mileage by half a mile, or a mile a week, I should be there in plenty of time. Allegedly.

Got the arm-pendulum thing working again today, but again the moment I actually thought about it, it stopped working. It’s a funny thing, but I certainly noticed I was going faster while it was working that when I was just swinging my arms like a tired baboon.

My right leg iliotibial band is a bit snarky again, not much, but I may roll the bejeesus out of it tonight to try and fix it. Left hip is still playing up when I’ve run, reckon that one’s a watch-and-run-through affair, it’ll sort itself or drop off.

Interesting weather – I was wearing a long top over a tech tee, and I reckon I’d have been slightly nippy with just the tee, whilst I was a little warm with the long top on. Oh, decisions – it must be spring.


  • Time: 38:21
  • Distance: 4.11 miles
  • Av. Pace: 9:19/mile (nice!)
  • Climb: 128 ft

I reckon the following should link you to:

The workout details

That’s the theory – if you click on the big map, then you can also get a snazzy 3D fly-by, very nice!

Next run is Friday, and I have a cunning plan, depending on what’s going on at work…



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