What no weekend?

Posted: 02/04/2012 in Uncategorized

Indeed, I didn’t make it out once this weekend – why could that be? Is it part of my crazy preperations for the North Tyneside 10k on Easter Sunday, or did I just forget to get up for two days?

Well, neither, truth be told. I had a couple of weddings to photograph at the weekend, so all my time was taken up with those. I had an ace time, the weddings were both very cool, and I got a bit of a work out carrying my uber-full camera bag around the venues. Slightly knotty thighs this morning from all the crouching and leaning.

To banish the knots, then, a nice long run this morning – let’s say a 10km, as a final longer run ahead of Sunday’s excitement. After a bit of difficult calculation, I figured that if I want to finish the 10k in under one hour, then my time per kilometer must be…. erm… must be…. oh yes, less that 6:00/km. D’oh – how could I not just know that, what a buffoon.

Off I went then, the weather was cool and cloudy with the occasional drop of rain, so I’m back into leggings for the first time since I don’t know when. Trying out the Medecins Sans Frontieres vest ahead of Sunday in case it chafes the ol’ nips, with a long-sleeve over the top to keep me toasty. Sporting the Soleus 2.0 watch that I’ve now come to rely on for pacing, and away I plodded.

I think I may need to find some new routes, as I think I’m getting a little samey about my current routes. I could be wrong mind, maybe I just need to figure out how to vary the runs with intervals or a spot of fartlek (snigger) to spice things up, and really I don’t know there’s any other option nearby, these are my choices:

  • Turn left, run towards Seaton Sluice and the Lighthouse
  • Turn right, run towards Tynemouth and the Hills of Doom (in a nice way)
  • Go straight ahead, into the sea
  • Head backwards, into suburban hell

See what I mean?

Anyhoo, 10k today, and it went alright – there was a moment in the middle where I realised I was rather overachieving on the keeping-the-pace-down front and was at danger of not finishing in the hour. Managed to pick it up, including a surprising (to me, at least) run up the steep bank from the Promenade to the Links above – gave some tourists a bit of a shock too, I reckon.

All looking god for Sunday then – think I’ll fit in an 8km on Wednesday and a 6km on Friday, and that should see me right for Sunday. Just hope the Metro’s running on Easter Sunday so I can get down to the start… 🙂


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