Three for the price of one…

Posted: 15/04/2012 in Uncategorized

It’s been a funny old week – things have been more complicated than usual in every sphere of life. Thankfully, a lot of things have been cleared up over the last couple of days.

Because of events, I’ve ot had time to blog, though I have been running, and I made it out on Wednesday morning for bit of a jaunt up the coast. I was intending to get out on Friday morning, but I had an appointment on Thursday evening that ran longer than expected, and by the time I made it home my mind was all over the place. I figured a run would be the ideal way to give my brain a brake, so I headed up to Seaton Sluice and back in a leisurely plod. It worked too, I felt a lot better by the time I got home, and sorted some other stuff when I got back.

Today was looking nice, though the weather forecast said 4 degrees, feels like -2 degrees. Deffo the need for a long sleeve top then. However, when I got out it looked great, not too cold and the sun was nice and warming, leaving me wondering if I should have left the longsleeve at home.

For a chance, I headed down to Tynemouth, and had the idea of cutting through the town, down the bank to the Fish Quay and back up the Hills of Doom. Running felt effortless (ish) this morning, which I think is a side effect of having less mental weight to carry. Along the sea front, past Cullercoats and the Toy Museum and on to Tynemouth. All going very nicely thank you.

Out the other side of Tynemouth, and down the steep hill to the Fish Quay, which is just up from the entrance to the River Tyne. I had to dodge into the road a few times to pass pedestrians who were filling the pavement, but the road wasn’t busy, so that was fine. Onto the Fish Quay and along the promenade that runs down to the mouth of the river. A bit of swerving around to avoid people, and I’m starting to wonder if I’ve turned invisible – there are so many people moving to block my path, and folk coming towards me with dogs, filling the pavement. Not to worry, as I’m at the hills now, slow ponder up the first, and my thighs are feeling cranky at the top, but on I go, to the second hill up past the priory. Again, I’m ending in the road to get past people – what is the deal?

Reach the top and realise I only have to pootle along the sea front again – no more hills and I’ll be done. However, the road-block-do-walkers are in force here, and I end up having to say “excuse me” a number of times to avoid ploughing into people who won’t budge from filling the path and stay out of the far busier road. Now I’m not normally bothered by this, but it seemed to be a conspiracy this morning. Back along past the Toy Museum and the Boating Lake, and I’m overtaken by someone younger, thinner and fitter than me – fair enough, hopefully I’ll be like a twig some day, though I don’t think I’ve got that classic runner’s build to be honest.

Back to Cullercoats, and the wind picks up and the rain starts. Hang on, it’s not rain, it’s hail. Ouch. There’s nothing like God bouncing tiny ice bullets off your head to pick up your pace – I put on a spurt and got to the end.

Not a bad week, and I promise to try and be more entertaining in the weeks to come…

Stats: (Wed/Thu/Sun)

Time: 50:18 / 55.04 / 56.54
Distance: 5.20 / 5.61 / 6.06 miles
Av. Pace: 9:40 / 9.49 /9.23 mile
Climb: 105 / 135  / 180 ft

Job’s a good’un.


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