The nicest thing…

Posted: 22/04/2012 in Uncategorized

I missed a run…

In itself, not the worst of things, no one was hurt, no animals were involved, but I don’t like to miss a run.

Today was the next run after missed run, so I felt I ought to go a bit longer, in order to make up for Missing Run. The weekend is normally when I run a bit further anyway, so no biggie, but how far? A normal weekday run is about 3-4 miles, which is the lighthouse and back.

Mind, I was feeling tired today – no idea why, but certainly not as wildly energetic (cough) as usual. Up to the lighthouse then, and see how I feel.

It was lovely out, a bit sunny, a bit cloudy, just the right amount of breeze, perfect running weather. I ran up to the lighthouse, but didn’t feel like I had that clarity that I usually get after a good long run. A bit further then? Up to the near side of Seaton Sluice and then back around the headland? Would give me about a 5 mile run, so yeah, why not?

Up the slight incline around the back of the caravan park, and I’m feeling a little clearer in my head – that’s good, and then I get to thinking about the upcoming Blaydon Race – a 10k so not the end of the world, but maybe I should aim for 6.2 miles this morning? From experience, I know that means going about half way through Seaton Sluice and back out again. Well, I’ve gone this far, so why not?

Run through Seaton Sluice, up the cut and back up the hill to the turn down to the headland. I love the headland, because it’s a bit of uneven trail – not quite like getting onto a proper trail path, but it reminds me of the reason why I like getting off the road – variety.

Back onto the top of the Links now, and the rain over the last few days has left the mini golf course totally waterlogged, standing water everywhere, and no way to avoid it, so I splash through, getting wet feet, which is oddly pleasant.

The steps down to the promenade now, along there and up the hill by the skate park onto the top. A quick jaunt along the path and that’s me. All in all a lovely run, though my legs feel like lead.


  • Distance: 6.24 miles
  • Time: 57’05”
  • Av. Pace: 9’13” / mile

The nicest thing? I passed an older gent running along the headland – he shouted out a jaunty “morning” – I smiled and shouted “good morning” back. As we passed each other, smiling and exchanging a greeting it was like we were sharing a secret that running right there, right then was the best place to be at that moment. Nice.


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