Free Running

Posted: 24/04/2012 in Uncategorized

No GPS, no pace, no aim, no objective. Run as fast or slow as you want, take the terrain at the pace you fancy.

Today was a bit of an experiment, I decided to run the Lighthouse circuit, and obviously I had my GPS watch on, but decided I wouldn’t look at it. Normally this tells me my pace, overall time and distance, so I can hit whatever target I’m looking for, whether a slow run, a quicker pace or whatever.

I’m calling this a “Free Run”, and I think it’ll be a good test of my overall level of fitness. I started off and did my circuit, paying attention to how it felt, speeding up when I felt like it and plodding along when it felt appropriate. I ignored the insistent calls from my brain to check pace and got into my running vibe. I felt like a proper athlete in the sense that it felt good, very good.

When I got back I took a look and was pleasantly surprised – I’d run a fair bit faster than I would normally pace myself, and while I felt a bit worn out, it was in a good way, rather than totally knackered.

I reckon I’ll do one of these every week or two and see how my pace differs over time.


  • Time: 30’29.94
  • Distance: 3.59 miles
  • Average pace: 8’34”

See what I mean – an average 8’34” is what I’d run if I was looking to tank out a fast pace, so the fact that I’d managed that on a gentle enjoyable run was a bit of a shock.



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