Return to the Toy Museum

Posted: 26/04/2012 in Uncategorized

The title is far more exciting that the run – tired this morning, it was raining and I’ve got a heck of a day at work, so a quick run to the Toy Museum and back. Nuff said, hopefully a longer run at the weekend…


  • Time: 22’42.80
  • Distance: 2.69 miles
  • Average pace: 8’34” per mile
  1. Looks like 8.34 is becoming your signature pace 🙂

    One gripe I have is that any blog post with a title like that MUST include a bit where you’re chased by menacing little clockwork soldiers. Just saying.


  2. They were chasing me, right enough, but I left them little buggers in the dust (or would have done if it hadn’t been pouring down. Would be very happy if 8:34 was my signature pace – will try a bit further and see if it holds up. 🙂

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