The Percolator of the Soul

Posted: 04/05/2012 in Uncategorized

Sounds mighty philosophical, don’t it?

It’s kind of true, though, that running makes me a calmer, more relaxed and nicer person. After a few hectic days and feeling wound up like a spring (admittedly a small part of which was due to missing a run on Tuesday), I decided to luxuriate myself with a longer run yesterday morning – for me that’s anything from six miles up. I wanted to run the other coastal path I’d discovered last weekend, and figured the return would be around the six mile mark, or 10km in new money.

There’s a definite change in the way I feel as I run, starting off feeling a little fuzzy in the brain-box, and I’ve started to learn to test that sensation as I go, which tells me when I’m OK to turn around and head back (from a mental standpoint). So I ran to the end of the Links and probed a little – still not feeling the clarity. Fair enough, push on. Up the slight incline to the near end of Seaton Sluice and the turn down to the regular coastal path – better, but not quite sage-like yet. On into Seaton Sluice and along the front, and twang – there you go. Brain is functioning like a normal brain, eyes are roving about the place and taking in the scenery – I guess I’m now alert.

Turning onto the new coastal path, around the headland, and I notice a dog up front – hang on, my uber-attentive eyes notice that’s not a dog, it’s a fox – right out on the coast. It’s got a rabbit in its mouth and it looks like it’s heading back somewhere – maybe little foxes to feed?

Sometimes, running further can make the world turn a bit peculiar, I guess it’s all part of building up the stamina for the longer run – it happens now as the fox runs through a group of giant poodles in a field, each as tall as my head. Whoa! That can’t be right (though it’s fun). Ah, it’s some Alpaca, and they’re not the sort of thing you expect on the North Sea coastline, and they’ve just been sheared, which accounts for their mega-poodle appearance.

One tick in the box for “Not Hallucinating” – that’s reassuring, and the return leg is pretty joyous – as often happens with running, a few things that have been cramping my noggin for the last few days slosh about and come out nicely rinsed. Problem, meet solution – I hope you’ll be happy together.

Stats – well, I know it was 6.24 miles and just under an hour, but I haven’t looked past that yet – will update when I upload the data…


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